Coloring 3D Privacy Policy -


Coloring 3D includes Google ads.

You must have your consent to use the app to use the app.


* Customize the service for you by providing recommendations, customized content, and customized search results using information you collect. For example, Security Diagnostics provides security tips that are relevant to how your users use Google products. Google Play also recommends new apps that you'll love using information like apps you've already installed and videos you've watched on YouTube.

Depending on your settings, you can also display personalized ads based on your interests. For example, if a user has searched for "mountain biking", you might see ads for sports equipment when browsing sites that show Google ads. You can control what information Google uses to show your ads by visiting your Ads Settings.

• Do not display personalized ads based on sensitive categories like race, religion, sexual orientation, or health.

• Do not share information that identifies you personally, such as your name or email, unless you ask them to do so. For example, if a user sees a nearby florist ad and selects the "Tap to Call" button, Google can connect the call and share the user's phone number with the florist.

We use a variety of technologies to handle your information for this purpose. Using an automated system for analyzing user content, we offer customized search results, personalized ads, and other features tailored to the way users use the service. It also analyzes user content to detect abuse, such as spam, malware, and illegal content. Algorithms are also used to recognize data patterns. For example, Google Translate detects common language patterns in phrases that require users to translate and helps communicate between different languages.

For the purposes described above, you may combine information from Google services with information collected from your device. For example, if a user saw a guitar player video on YouTube, they might see other tutorial ads when they visit sites that use Google advertising products. Depending on your account settings, user activity on other sites and apps may be associated with your personal information to improve the Google services and ads we offer.

If another user already has information that identifies the user's email address or user, Google may display that person's public Google Account information (e.g., name and photo) to that other user. This will help people identify the email they send, for example.

If you use the information for any purpose not described in this privacy policy, we will first ask for your consent.


1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

Coloring 3D Below Coloring 3D processes personal information for the following purposes and does not use it for any purpose other than:

- Identification of customers, identification of customers by providing service to customers, authentication, maintenance and management of membership, settlement of payment by supplying goods or services, supply of goods or services, delivery etc.

2. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information


Coloring 3D has personal information that is agreed upon when collecting personal information from the information subject, and personal information is kept in accordance with the period of use or statute.


Specific personal information processing and retention period are as follows.

Please refer to the example below to describe the period of holding personal information processing and personal information processing tasks, related laws, and grounds.

(Example) - Customer subscription and management: Until the service use contract or membership cancellation, but only when the bond and the debt relationship remain,

- Contracts in e-commerce: withdrawal of subscription, settlement of accounts, goods, etc. Supply record: 5 years


3. Third party provision of personal information


Coloring 3D does not provide personal information to any third party except as provided in Article 17 of the Privacy Act, including the separate consent of the subject of information, and specific provisions of law.


4. Consignment of personal information processing


Coloring 3D consigns personal information processing business for smooth personal information business processing as follows.

('' and below, Coloring 3D) is prohibited to process personal information except for the purpose of carrying out the entrusted business in accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, technical and administrative protection measures, Management, supervision, and indemnification of damages, etc. in documents such as contracts, and supervises whether the trustee handles personal information securely.


If the contents of the entrusted business or the trustee change, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without delay.


5. Rights, duties, and methods of use of information subjects The user may exercise the following rights as personal information subjects.

1. Personal information inquiry request

2. If there is an error,

3. Delete request

4. Process stop request


6. Creating an item of personal information to process


('' below Coloring 3D) is processing the following personal information items.


7. Destruction of personal information

Coloring 3D will, in principle, destroy your personal information without delay if your personal information processing purpose is achieved. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows.

- Destruction procedure

The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after completion of the purpose (separate documents in the case of paper) and is stored or temporarily destroyed after a certain period of time according to internal policies and other related laws. At this time, the personal information transferred to DB will not be used for other purposes unless it is under the law.

- Destruction period

In the case where the personal information of the user has elapsed, within 5 days from the end of the holding period, if the personal information such as attaining the purpose of processing the personal information, abolishing the service or ending the business becomes unnecessary, We delete the personal information within five days from the day when it is considered that the processing of the personal information is unnecessary.



8. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

Coloring 3D, pursuant to Section 29 of the Privacy Act, has the following technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure safety:

1. Minimization and training of personal information handling staff

Employees who deal with personal information are designated and limited to the person in charge, and measures are taken to minimize personal information.


2. Conduct periodic self-audits

We conduct our own audits regularly (once a quarter) to ensure the safety of handling personal information.


3. Establishment and enforcement of internal management plan

We have established and implemented an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.


4. Encryption of personal information

Your personal information is encrypted and stored and managed so that only you can know it. Your important data is protected by a separate security function, such as encrypting file and transfer data, or using the file lock function.


5. Technical measures against hacking

Coloring 3D installs security programs, periodically updates and inspects, installs systems in outside controlled areas, and technically and physically monitors and blocks personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses.


6. Restrict access to personal information

We take necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, modifying, and deleting access rights to the database system that handles personal information. We also control unauthorized access from outside by using an intrusion prevention system.


7. Keeping records and preventing forgery

We maintain and maintain records of access to the personal information processing system for at least six months. We use security features to prevent forgery, theft, and loss of access logs.


8. Using locks for document security

We keep documents with personal information and auxiliary storage media in safe place with lock.


9. Access control to unauthorized persons

We have set up a separate physical storage area for personal information, and set up access control procedures.



9. Writing Personal Information Protection Officer


Coloring 3D is responsible for the handling of personal information, and has designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows for the complaint handling and damage relief of information subject related to personal information processing.


Head of Personal Information Protection

Name: Yong Dae Hee

Position: Developer

Position: Developer


※ It leads to personal information protection department.